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Outstanding Chinese students honored with government award
update:April 03,2018

China has a more promising prospect in the research and development of electrical chemistry energy in the present-day world, which encourages him to a seek a teaching career at a Chinese university in the future, Liu said.
Yayuan Liu, another award recipient who is studying on a post-doctoral program at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, said the award is a huge honor and encouragement for her.
As a student of Professor Yi Cui, a world famous Chinese scientist in nanomaterial science at Stanford, Liu said Cui's successful story has encouraged many Chinese students to take him as an example in their study and research with a positive approach.
"We will study hard in our academic fields and learn as much as possible technology of nanomaterial and new energy, which has an extensive application in environment," she said.
She said she is very optimistic about China's progress in science, as the government has made greater input on scientific research in both financial and human resources.
"I'll consider going back to China after my post-doctoral work in the U.S., as I see a very promising future in China," she said.
Lian Biao, also the winner of the award who is working on a post-doctoral program at Princeton University after graduating from Stanford University, said the award provides him an opportunity to keep a close connection with the motherland.
"My research area in solid state physics will not only help us better understand the world around us, but also offer more possibilities for quantum calculation," he said.
Lian, who was a former undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, said China has progressed a lot in frontier science of physics in recent years, an area where few people were able to do research during his time.
"As a Chinese, I'm very much committed to making my own contribution to China's future development after my graduation in the United States," he said.
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