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Safety, security of peacekeepers should remain at fore of concerns: Brazil’s UN envoy
update:February 12,2019
Feb. 12, 2019 -- The safety and security of peacekeepers should remain at the fore of concerns, a Brazilian diplomat said Monday at a plenary meeting of United Nations Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.
"The attacks against blue helmets shed light on an urgent need for coordinated efforts by all actors to ensure proper training, equipment and logistical support, especially in cases of medical evacuations," said Mauro Vieira, the permanent representative of Brazil to UN.
"Not only do the capacity gaps undermine a mission's ability to fulfil its mandate, but they also make peacekeepers vulnerable to attacks," he said.
The Brazilian diplomat said, "We regret that the use of improvised explosive devices and ambushes continue to increase the number of casualties among UN personnel."
"Troops should not be deployed without a tailored training for the environment in which they will operate," he said, adding that he's glad to see that an increasing number of troops are being deployed through the Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System.
Brazil stands ready to continue to share its rich peacekeeping experience, the diplomat said.
Part of the success of any peacekeeping operation is a well-defined and feasible mandate, with realistic and clear goals, he said, adding that mandates must also be matched by adequate human, material and financial resources.
"It is not acceptable that missions be demanded to perform activities they are unable to carry out due to the lack of the necessary means," he said.
Preventive diplomacy and mechanisms to avoid conflict should therefore have priority, Vieira said, adding that the United Nations must, in cooperation with regional and subregional organizations, devise better ways to anticipate and effectively deal with threats to peace and security.
"The deployment of a peacekeeping mission is always a measure of last resort," he said.
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