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Love in Han-Tibetan marriages
Sun Siku and Droma is a couple, one of the many Han-Tibetan families in Gang Dui village in South Tibet. Yisi Droga , Droma's younger sister, al...
Tibetan New Year markd in China's Tibet
A girl is dressed in new clothes to greet the Tibetan New Year, or Losar, at a children welfare institute in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's...
The joyous moments of "Tuqia" before ...
The most important cleaning for Tibetans is the “Tuqia” that takes place at the end of December on the Tibetan calendar before the Tibetan New...
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 Editors' Picks
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G20 summit
·Tibetan Thangka
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·Exiled living Buddha returns, snubs leader
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 Facts & Figures
·Lhasa tops list of China's 10 happiest cities
·Tibet to build eight all-region tourism demonstrati...
·Tibet put poverty relief first priority
·Area of wetland in Tibet ranks second nationwide
·Road to reach last two towns in Tibet
·5-magnitude quake hits Tibet; no casualties reported
·Tibet reports robust growth in 2016
·6th China Thangka Art Festival wraps up in Lhasa
·2016 value of Tibet's culture industry reached 3.5b...
·Tibet’s major news events in 2016
·Tibet covered by 88.2 mln hectares of grassland
·The love song of Kangding
·Colorful folk customs to welcome Losar
·Publicity film of commemorating the 3...
·Western China's history, life and cul...
·This year's whitewash of the Potala P...
 Tibet Today
·China to expand economic aid to Mongolia
·Switzerland’s denial of ‘Tibet’ nationality a bl...
·USCD invites overseas Chinese students to discuss D...
·U.S. campuses need to teach true history of Tibet
·Courting Dalai Lama would hurt US interest: official
·Xinhua Insight: Tibetan nomads "settle" for modern ...
·Lhasa tops list of China's 10 happiest cities
·Record number foreigners granted permanent residenc...
·World's highest highway tunnel to open in Tibet thi...
·World's highest Wi-Fi service
·Printing of original ancient Buddhist canon returns...
·Living Buddhas speak up in politics in Tibet
·3rd Xihuang Lama Temple Forum opens in Beijing
·Monks get a greater sense of gain in Tibet
·Tibetan monks livelihood greatly improved
·Tibet to build eight all-region tourism demonstrati...
·Tibetans see a double-digit growth in disposable in...
·Tibet's capital market hits $22b in 2016
·Lhasa to build 24h self-help tax service areas
·Tibet's tax revenue surges in 2016
·Nepali vice president attends Chinese Tibetan Losar...
·Tibet stepping up savable records work for intangib...
·Tibet launches recording project for better cultura...
·15th Nyingchi Peach Cultural & Tourism Festival kic...
·Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival to open on March 25
·Green tourism in Gannan wins applause
·Scientists explore China's largest canyon, discover...
·Tibet completes environmental monitoring networks
·China to build national protection zone in west Tib...
·Area of wetland in Tibet ranks second nationwide
 History & Truth
Tibet Separatists Activities
·Violent tendency of Dalai clique gains support from Western forces
·Tibetan separatists release false info to incite violence
·Advocacy of self-immolations exposes Dalai clique's anxiety
The Historical Truth
·What marks peaceful liberation of Tibet?
·Q&A: Tibet and the Chinese Revolution of 1911
·Origin of the titles Dalai and Panchen
Dalai & Bainqen
·The 14th Dalai Lama
·Is the 14th Dalai Lama really merciful?
·Dalai Lama's announcement of "retirement" a farce, living buddha says
·Tibet to greet 3rd session of 18th Party congress...
·Princess Wencheng and auspicious locations
·Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng
·Where would Divine King go?
·Tibet's history during Yuan Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Qing Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Tang Dynasty
·Tibet: 700 years under central government
·Full Text: Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013
·Development and Progress of Tibet (October 2013)
·Sixty Years Since Peaceful Liberation of Tibet (Jul...
·Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet (March 2009)
·Full Text: National Human Rights Action Plan of Chi...
·Sitting-in-the-bed of the 11th Panchen Erdeni
·Full text: Press Communiqué between China and France
·Full Text: Report on the Economic and Social Develo...
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