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Tibetan graduates choose multiple kin...
July is the graduation season for students in Tibet University. Since 2011, the regional government of Tibet has carried out a series of employm...
Charity clinic held in Tibetan area, ...
A charity clinic project has been launched since July 9, 2014 in Dechen Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the only Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of...
Traditional handcraft glows modern vi...
Recent years, traditional Tibetan handicraft has developed for the government's huge support toward local characteristic industry. More and more...
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·2nd Tibet teenagers mountaineering outdoor summer cam...
·Lhasa to build education town to meet demand this Sept.
·Tibet Airlines carry 2.4 mln passengers since 2011:st...
·Total highway mileage in Tibet to reach 110,000 km by...
·China to upgrade transport infrastructures in Tibet
·Dynamic check of Lhasa-Shigatse railway is completed
·Tibet plans night-sky conservation zone
·Food safety inspection in scenic spots, Lhoka
·Tibet invests to provide temples with water
·Hopes are high for those aiding Tibet
·Ticket to Potala Palace in short supply
·11 examinees enrolled by Tsinghua University
 Editors' Picks
·Construction of natural reserves...
·Maintenance of rare murals under...
·Environment achievements show Ti...
·Autumn scenery of Dzongyab Lukha...
·A 600-year-old cliff Tibetan mon...
Tibetan Thangka
·Prefecture Promotes Usage of Tibe...
·Focus on Tibet in NPC & CPPCC
·People in Tibet never commit self-immolation: Tib...
·Real Dalai Lama
·EESC president's remarks on Tibet irresponsible: ...
·Commentary: Dalai Lama's agenda is bane to West, too
·An unholy alliance of perverted purpose
·Belgian scholar refutes lies of Western media abo...
·Commentary: Tibet's progress shows victory of Chi...
·Zhu Weiqun talks to Swiss reporter about contact ...
·What has the 14th Dalai Lama done for Tibet's dev...
·Zhu Weiqun talks about Dalai clique and "East Tur...
·Freedom of religious belief guaranteed in Tibet
 Facts & Figures
·1st university seminar on Thangka culture research ...
·Lhasa reports 345 days of good air quality in 2013
·14th Dalai Lama advocates religious extremism: expert
·Chinese central gov't injects 200 bln yuan subsidy ...
·Qinghai-Tibet Plateau glaciers shrink 15% in 30 years
·Fourth National Tibetology Coordination Conference ...
·4th National Tibetology Coordination Conference con...
·Four provinces offer 1,300 jobs to Tibetan college ...
·Tibet invests 14.6 bln yuan in eco-compensation
·Rural roads in Tibet exceed 58,000 km
·100 Thangkas on modern themes completed
·Chinese Tibetologists visit Ireland
·Classic story "Princess Wencheng" hit...
·Guthuk dumplings, ghost exorcisms hig...
·Never Take Life as Gambling Chips
 Tibet Today
·Britain shows no support to "Tibet independence": s...
·Chinese Tibetan cultural delegation held an informa...
·Dalai Lama urged to stop secessionist activities
·Tibetan Buddhism witnesses China-Mongolia friendship
·China issues white paper on human rights
·Tibet gets first hazardous waste disposal center
·China's social security system taken shape
·Social security system for disabled persons improve...
·Four provinces offer 1,300 jobs to Tibetan college ...
·Tibetans flock to lingka for leisure time
·Zhu Weiqun: Fighting against religious extremism ne...
·14th Dalai Lama advocates religious extremism: expert
·Zhu Weiqun talks about religious extremism and nati...
·Progress made in protecting ethnic minorities' righ...
·High-end dialogue: ancient Buddhism and modern science
·Old urban zone of Chamdo reconstructed
·Taxpayer list reveals Tibet's economic muscle
·Lhasa's tax revenue in Q1 up 12.5 percent YoY
·Tourism boosts economic development in Nyingchi,Tibet
·Slight quake jolts Lhasa
·Tibet names 100-plus successors to intangible cultu...
·China sets up state level organ to protect Thangka
·Hefty fund invested to protect Tibet's intangible c...
·Tibet starts recording work on national intangible ...
·Tibet opens first museum on agriculture and medicine
·Area of lakes expands in Qinghai-Tibet plateau
·New national wetland park to be built in Tibet
·Climate change thawing Tibet plateau's frozen earth
·Students, soldiers clean up wetland area in Tibet
·Lhasa reports 345 days of good air quality in 2013
 History & Truth
Tibet Separatists Activities
·Violent tendency of Dalai clique gains support from Western forces
·Tibetan separatists release false info to incite violence
·Advocacy of self-immolations exposes Dalai clique's anxiety
The Historical Truth
·What marks peaceful liberation of Tibet?
·Q&A: Tibet and the Chinese Revolution of 1911
·Origin of the titles Dalai and Panchen
Dalai & Bainqen
·The 14th Dalai Lama
·Is the 14th Dalai Lama really merciful?
·Dalai Lama's announcement of "retirement" a farce, living buddha says
·Princess Wencheng and auspicious locations
·Songtsan Gambo and Princess Wencheng
·Where would Divine King go?
·Tibet's history during Yuan Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Qing Dynasty
·Tibet's history during Tang Dynasty
·Tibet: 700 years under central government
·From dynasty to republic
·Full Text: Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013
·Development and Progress of Tibet (October 2013)
·Sixty Years Since Peaceful Liberation of Tibet (Jul...
·Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet (March 2009)
·Full Text: National Human Rights Action Plan of Chi...
·Sitting-in-the-bed of the 11th Panchen Erdeni
·Full text: Press Communiqué between China and France
·Full Text: Report on the Economic and Social Develo...
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