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First smart sensing 5G-A base station comes online in Xizang
update:May 23,2024
Shannan City in southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region has completed verification of its first smart sensing 5G-A base station, facilitating the eventual application of 5G-A, China Mobile announced on Tuesday.

The smart sensing 5G-A base station, an enhanced version of 5G, integrating radar and base station functionality, can provide telecommunication and intelligent recognition services.

It realizes the all-round sensing ability of low-altitude drones, ground vehicles and other targets, identifying, positioning, and tracking illegal intrusion objects to provide strong support for digital development along border areas.

Offering faster network speeds, greater capacity, and superior efficiency, 5G-A is a key technology in developing 3D, cloud-based, intelligent Internet of everything, and communication perception integration.

China Mobile launched its first 5G-A base station on Mount Qomolangma, providing strong network support for tourism, mountaineering, scientific research, and environmental protection on April 24, 2024.

In the future, the company aims to accelerate the innovation of 5G-A technology for integrated development in areas of low-altitude intelligent recognition, drone inspections and low-altitude early warning.

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