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China mulls law to further ensure income of grain growers
update:December 26,2023
Dec.26, 2023 -- A draft law on strengthening food security was tabled before Chinese lawmakers for the third reading on Monday.
The draft, with a focus on refining the mechanism for ensuring the income of grain growers, was submitted to the seventh session of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress for the third review.
The latest version of the draft, comprising 74 articles in 11 chapters, outlines measures to boost agricultural efficiency and increase the income of grain growers. Additional provisions aimed at raising the level of social services provided to them are also included in the draft.
The state should implement a compensation system for farmland occupation and strictly restrict all types of farmland occupation, according to the draft.
The draft also adds provisions for building a diversified food supply system to meet people's demand for rich, diverse and nutritious food. It also requires promoting the use of advanced technology and equipment, as well as improving the ability to provide sci-tech support to the food industry.
Highlighting food quality, the draft stipulates that food processing operators should implement relevant national standards, take full responsibility for the quality and security of the food they process, and accept supervision.
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