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A different Tibetan New Year amid epidemic
update:February 25,2020

The Tibetan New Year is a traditional festival of the Tibetan ethnic minority.[Photo/Xinhua]
And the city of Shannan in the region posted an initiative on its official account on WeChat, a popular Chinese social media platform, calling on its citizens not to visit relatives or friends, nor to hold gatherings during the Tibetan New Year.
Nyima Tsering, a volunteer in a community in Lhasa's Chengguan District, is busy writing down a long list of commodities purchased by local residents.
Over 2,700 people from 934 households live in the community, and the unified ordering service can help reduce personnel flow amid the epidemic.
In addition, a total of 231 direct selling stores and vehicles have been set up in Lhasa and nearby regions for the convenience of citizens buying daily necessities during the festival.
Local residents even amused themselves by making zanba, a traditional Tibetan staple food of roasted barley flour as part of the celebration.
"Though we're geographically separated, our hearts are connected. A call or a message is enough to express our blessings to each other," said Nyima Tsering, who extended new year greetings to relatives in other places via WeChat.
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