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Young politician presents a true Hong Kong at UN
update:March 13,2020
March 13,2020 -- Lin Lin, a representative from the United Nations Association of China, shared her own experience of being attacked and revenged by Hong Kong rioters at the 43rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).
As a young politician in Hong Kong, Lin and her family have been under great pressure, and even receiving death threats, said Lin.
During the past nine months, the so-called Hong Kong human rights defenders have been assaulting people with different views from theirs and violently responding to any disagreement in the name of freedom, said Lin.
Some countries and international media have been criticizing the Hong Kong police who are actually the real victims, Lin added. These so-called human rights defenders exposed private information of the police, including their family members, family addresses and schools of their children, threatening to murder them. 
Two representatives from Hong Kong who criticized the rioters’ illegal and violent behaviors last September at the UNHRC,  have been suffering from revenges of various forms, according to Lin.
Hong Kong people love China. We can’t stand what the rioters have done. The freedom of speech is not an excuse for the rioters to assault people with different views, and the UNHRC shouldn’t condone it, said Lin. 
Lin urged the UNHRC to condemn the criminal acts, and support the restoration of law and order in Hong Kong, effectively protecting the rights of Hong Kong people.
By:Jia Puyu
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