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Tibetan medical plants enrich local residents
By:China Tibet Online
update:April 17,2018

April 17, 2018 -- Geographical icon product: Nyingchi Reishi Mushroom

April 17, 2018 -- The reishi mushroom in Nyingchi,Tibet, a protected geographical icon product with white-flesh, is unique to the region. This kind of reishi contains more than half glucose and adenosine than that growing in inland China. In addition, the rhizoma in Nyingchi also contains a dozen times more rhizoma extract than the ones growing in other parts of China.

With a farming area of 160 mu(about 11 hectares), the Red Sun Scientific Demo Family Farm in Xueka Village of Nyingchi was opened by Nyima in 2012 after his family moved to Nyingchi from Shigatse. The farm mainly grows Tibetan medicinal plants and cash crops. With the farm, Nyima has not only enriched his own family, but also led the whole village make better living by planting reishi, rhizoma, Paris polyphylla, and other Tibetan medicinal plants.

Now, Nyima is one of the “technical specialists”trained by his township to teach other residents skills in planting Tibetan medicinal plants. Taking growing reishi as an example, it needs very detailed and comprehensive preparations, almost all of which are included in the bags of ganoderma lucidum. After Nyima packs the bags, he disinfects them, conducts manual cultivation, then places them in special cultivation rooms to complete the cultivation. After cultivation, the ganoderma lucidum are planted inside warm houses, and the residents only need to water and maintain them daily to harvest the reishi.

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