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Full Text of Lhasa Consensus
update:July 11,2016
LHASA, July 11, 2016 -- The following is the full text of Lhasa Consensus, passed at the Forum on the Development of Tibet, which was held from July 7 to 8:
2016.Lhasa Consensus
The "2016.Forum on the Development of Tibet, China" was held from July 7 to 8, 2016, in Lhasa, Tibet.
Liu Qibao, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and the head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech.
The forum was jointly sponsored by China's State Council Information Office (SCIO) and the People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and hosted by the People's Government of Lhasa. More than 130 guests from over 30 countries and regions worldwide participated and carried out field visits and exchanges in Lhasa and Shannan. The forum is the second of its kind held in Tibet, China, since 2014.
The forum was staged with the theme "New Phase of Tibet's Development: Innovative, Coordinated, Green, Open and Shared Development." The forum's participants provided insightful opinions and shared wisdom on the sub-topics -- "Innovative Development of Tibet: Opportunities and Alternatives," "Coordinated Development of Tibet: Integration of Traditions and Modernity," "Green Development of Tibet: Potential and Advantages," "Open Development of Tibet: New Vision of the Belt and Road Initiative" and "Shared Development of Tibet: Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood Improvements." The forum was carried out in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. The participants conducted vigorous discussions. They have reached the following consensus.
-- The new development concepts of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development are in line with the times and the norms of development. The concepts are also of great importance in guiding Tibet's future development. The concept of innovation will lead Tibet on a path of scientific and technological progress, and the concept of coordination will lead the region on a path of sustainable development. The concept of green development will help Tibet in environmental protection, and the concept of openness will promote modern civilization in Tibet. The concept of shared development will steer Tibet toward common prosperity. The development of Tibet is standing at a new historic starting point.
-- Tibet, the "Roof of the World" and the "Third Pole", has to continue construction and seek development at such a high altitude, when there is no successful precedent in the world to emulate. Over years of experimentation and practice, Tibet has embarked on a path of development that suits its unique conditions and yielded encouraging results. Tibetans have the right to pursue a better life. To seek sound development and the full protection of Tibet, and to build a new Tibet that is more beautiful, harmonious and happier are the shared wishes among all participants.
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