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Tibetans celebrate new year amid outbreak
update:February 26,2020

Workers at a supermarket prepare goods for online shoppers.[Photo/Xinhua]
Feb.26, 2020 -- The new Tibetan year of the Iron Rat has come. Amid the outbreak of the epidemic, Tibet’s authorities have encouraged people to shop online to avoid mass gathering.
Lhasa Jingtu Company has setup 63 retail stores in communities so that residents are able to buy New Year necessities at their nearest stores.

Residents in the Enhuiyuan community, Lhasa, make “Dega”. [Photo by Zhang Rufeng/Xinhua]
Dega is an essential item for a Tibetan family to celebrate the festival. In the Enhuide Community, Ciren Bazhu and 24 other residents make Dega together for sale.

Citizens in Lhasa make Gutu, a kind of cooked wheaten food. [Photo by Sun Fei/Xinhua]
Luosang, a citizen in Lhasa, has two sons and a daughter. His kids are on duty at work for epidemic prevention. Like the family of Luosang, many Tibetan young people couldn’t return to their parents’ houses for reunion due to the epidemic.

At a retail store in the Chengguan district, Lhasa, residents purchase goods for new year celebrations. [Photo by Sun Fei/Xinhua]
In Senburi Village, Gongga County, Shannan City, lines of beautiful Tibetan-style houses can be seen. 639 households have been relocated here from Shuanghu County and An’duo County in Naqu City.
“In the new year, I wish to make more money to live a better life,” said 35-year-old villager Guo Buru, who works at a nearby apple plantation.

Lhasa citizens show fried food “Kasa”. [Photo by Sun Fei/Xinhua]
By: Zhou Tianyu
  • Tibetans celebrate New Year at home
  • Tibetan New Year celebrated without gathering, celebration events
  • Tibet makes efforts to prevent and control NCP

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