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China's Xizang witnesses all-around progress in past 65 years
update:June 28,2024
Since its democratic reform was initiated 65 years ago, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region has witnessed economic and cultural prosperity, all-around social development, improved environment, and better lives of the people, said a senior expert Thursday.

Zhang Shigao, a senior expert with the China Tibetology Research Center, made the remarks at a meeting held by the All-China Journalists Association to mark the 65th anniversary of the democratic reform, which eradicated the long-lasting feudal serfdom in Xizang.

During the meeting, Zhang and other experts shared their views on matters such as human rights situations, pairing-up assistance for the region and the region's tourism.

Zhang noted that in 2023, Xizang's regional gross domestic product (GDP) neared 240 billion yuan (about 33.7 billion U.S. dollars) and posted one of the highest growth rates in major economic indicators nationwide.

The region has built a modern education system covering preschool, basic, vocational and higher education as well as continuing education and special education, Zhang added.

With redoubled green efforts, the region has also expanded the size of its ecological preservation zones and further restored biodiversity. For various ethnic groups living in the region, their lives have been improved and their sense of happiness greatly boosted, said Zhang.

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