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Feature: Love on the plateau mirrors ethnic unity in Tibet
update:November 28,2022
LHASA, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- Wang Jian, from central China's Henan Province, chose to settle in a rural area in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, thousands of miles away from home -- for love.
After retiring from the army in Lhasa, the regional capital, in 2012, Wang was recruited as a public servant in Mogxoi Township, Mangkam County. As the only child in his family, he had planned to spend a couple of years there before returning home to the city of Anyang in Henan. However, the plan was changed after Wang met Sonam Drolma, a Tibetan woman from the city of Shannan in southern Tibet.
"It is the same identity of being non-locals that has brought us together," said Wang.
Sonam Drolma, a colleague of Wang, still remembered his hospitality when they first met. "I was a fresh graduate back then, away from home. So when Wang said I could seek help from him whenever I needed, I felt very warm."
After working together for some time, Wang fell in love with the amiable young lady.
"Actually, I had a crush on him at that time, so I was delighted when he confessed his love to me," Sonam Drolma said.
Their relationship was once opposed by Sonam Drolma's mother. "I understand that parents care about their children. If they know I am reliable, things may change," said Wang.
To show his sincerity, he visited Sonam Drolma's mother in person. After finally receiving the blessing from the mother, the couple got married in 2016.
During their spare time, Sonam Drolma taught Wang the Tibetan language, a tool that has helped him a lot while communicating with the locals.
"She is patient. We speak Tibetan at home and every time I have trouble understanding, she will repeat it in Mandarin," said Wang.
Although they are from different places with different ethnic backgrounds, the family, in Wang's words, is nothing special from other loving families.
"They have a harmonious family and are willing to help others," said their colleague Nyinyi Ngalek.
Now, the couple has two preschooler daughters, with one having a Han name and the other a Tibetan name.
"My younger daughter is named Wang Yizhuo, meaning Wang Jian and Sonam Drolma lean on each other," Wang said with a smile.
He said they want their children to be educated in Tibet to learn Tibetan culture for the moment and will decide whether they should go to school back in Henan later.
"When they grow up, I will be supportive of whatever decisions they make, if only they are happy," he said.
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