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Burang New Year celebrated in China's Xizang
update:December 15,2023
Dec. 15, 2023 -- Except Chinese Lunar New Year and New Year, there's another New Year in China - Losar, also known as New Year in Lunar Calendar for Xizang Autonomous Region.  
Losar New Year is one of the most important holidays for people in Xizang. Locals in Burang County of Ali Prefecture, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region followed the tradition of celebrating their special New Year, known as Burang New Year, on Nov. 1 by the Lunar Calendar for Xizang, which fell on Dec. 13 this year. 
Burang New Year is the second New Year in Xizang after Gongbo New Year.  
In Chide Village of Burang County, starting at 10:00 a.m., a group of children dressed in Burang clothes and carrying backpacks lined up in front of villagers' houses to sing and send their blessings. The hosts of the houses then offered them drinks, sweets, snacks and lucky money.  
"Kids normally come here on New Year's Eve. It's a blessing," said a local villager, "Kids have drinks, because they are underage. There's barley wine and beer. It was poorer back then, barley was given. Nowadays, every family has food if they go there. Life has gotten better, so when the kids come, they are given sweets and money."  
This is a local custom that has been passed down for a long time in Burang New Year.  
The custom of giving gifts has existed throughout history, stated by a local villager. "In the old days, when villagers didn't have money or drinks to give to children, they would give barley. We would get the barley together, sell it for money, and hold a party," a local villager told CNS reporter, "Nowadays, society has progressed so much that the villagers will give money and drinks to children, but they will not give barley wine anymore because it is hazardous to their health."  
"This New Year custom has always been like this. I hope that it can be carried on and passed on," he added.  Burang County is located in Ngari Prefecture, one of the three-country border counties in China neighboring both Nepal and India with a borderline of more than 410 kilometers.  
(Reporter: Rang Baokui, Xing Yi, Konchog  Editor: Zhou Jing)  

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