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FM strongly opposes the US ambassador to India visiting Tawang region along the China-India borderline
update:October 25,2016
Oct. 25, 2016 -- Q: The US ambassador to India said on October 21 that he recently visited the Tawang region along the China-India borderline, which we know belongs to the disputed areas. Has China raised this issue with India and the US?

A: As you noted correctly, the place he visited is disputed. We are strongly opposed to the US senior diplomat attending activities in the disputed areas along the China-India borderline.

China's position on the eastern section of the China-India borderline is consistent and clear. China and India are working to resolve territorial disputes through negotiation and consultation. Any third party with a sense of responsibility shall respect such bilateral efforts for peace, stability, and reconciliation, instead of undermining them. What the US did, which runs counter to the hard work by China and India, will only complicate the issue, sabotage the hard-won peace and tranquility in the China-India border areas, and disrupt peace and stability of the region. We urge the US to stop meddling in the territorial disputes between China and India, and do more to enhance regional peace and stability.

The China-India boundary question is very complex and sensitive. Intervention by a third party will only stir up and aggravate tension. It is the people of the two countries that will end up getting hurt. We believe that China and India, as two major countries, can spare enough political wisdom to ensure peace and stability of their border areas and uphold the fundamental interests of their people.

From: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China

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