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Online retail sales in Xizang soar during Chinese New Year period
update:February 26,2024
Feb.26, 2024 -- Online retail sales in the Xizang autonomous region surged to 480 million yuan ($66.69 million) from Feb 10 to Feb 17, representing a 20.2 percent increase compared to the previous year, according to statistics published on the official website for the Xizang Autonomous Region Department of Commerce.
This year, the Tibetan New Year coincided with the Spring Festival, with both occurring on Feb 10.
The surge in online retail sales was largely propelled by the growing popularity of "Tibetan Flavors" specialty products. Sales of regional dietary supplements experienced a rise of 146.7 percent, with winter cordyceps sales specifically soaring by 187.5 percent.
The demand for festive decorations and supplies also witnessed a significant uptick, with sales of preserved and dried fruits rising by 276.6 percent and chocolate and candy sales seeing a striking 432.5 percent increase. Sales of festival-themed aromatherapy candles grew by 118.2 percent.
Agricultural products also saw a surge in online sales during the holiday period, with beef sales rising by 155.2 percent, flour sales increasing by 125.3 percent, and coarse grain sales doubling compared to the previous year.
Online sales of tourism-related products experienced a remarkable surge, with sales of Tibetan travel bags seeing a five-fold increase and respiratory oxygen equipment seeing a more than 13-fold increase in sales volume and revenue.
The holiday sales are indicative of a growing economy for the region. Last year, the total retail sales of consumer goods in Xizang reached 87.98 billion yuan, marking a 21.1 percent year-on-year growth, positioning it as the fastest-growing region in the country.
By: DA QIONG and Zhao Ruixue
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