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Entrepreneurship story of Langdro
By:China Tibet News
update:December 27,2019
Dec.27, 2019 -- 33 year-old Langdro comes from Rinbung County, Xigaze City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. He graduated from Lhasa Normal Junior College. During school days, he usually did part-time jobs to ease the burden of his family. In order to lay a foundation for Tibet tourism business, he got his tour guide certificate when he was 22 years old, and began to think about startups.
In 2009, after graduation, Langdro prepared for startups. However, his family disagreed with him. Especially, his sister, who had faced difficulties on her business, hoped that he could live a stable life. Therefore he gave up starting business and became a teacher in a primary school, but the thought of startups always came to his mind.
In 2013, under the support of his wife, Langdro finally decided to quit his job and open a travel agency. At the beginning, because of financial difficulty and some incidents, he once felt stressful.
His family gave him the courage to pursue his dream. With the firm faith, Langdro overcame various difficulties and always worked hard.
In October of 2017, thanks to the support from the government of Rinbung County, Langdro decided to start business in his hometown. He cooperated with another enterprise to open a culture communication company, which was also the first project of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in Rinbung County, providing jobs for 11 college students. In July of 2018, Langdro founded a labor service company of municipal management, labor service and dispatching. Now, there are 52 staffs working in this company. The businesses of these two companies go well and contribute to local economic and social development.
"Struggling for a better life is the greatest happiness, which needs continuous efforts. I believe that with the support from the Communist Party of China (CPC), government and society, there will be more entrepreneurial opportunities and preferential policies," says Langdro with confidence.

By: Liu Fang, Zhu Shan
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