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Wenjiang doctors sent to aid Seda county
By:China Daily
update:August 23,2017

Aug. 23,  2017 -- A medical support group from Wenjiang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital recently returned from a task of supplying medical aid to Seda county in Sichuan province's Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture.

Seda, which means "golden horse" in Tibetan, sits in the southeast of the Tibetan Plateau. The area has long dealt with poverty due to environmental factors, such as high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

A ceremony for donations and free clinical activities was held on Aug 10 with officials from Seda county and the Wenjiang district in attendance. On the same day, Wenjiang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital donated 12,000 yuan ($1,795), in addition to medical equipment and medicines to Seda.

After the donation ceremony, the medical assistance group provided free clinical examinations to local Seda residents. Overcoming high altitude sickness and language problems, doctors patiently made diagnosis and gave treatments.

Over the two-day free clinic activity, more than 230 local residents from the Tibet ethnic group received treatment. Free medical examinations were available to approximately 1,000 people.

As early as 2012, the Wenjiang district started to provide aid to Seda, with donations adding up to 80 million yuan over the following five years, helping the county improve its livelihood and infrastructure. Wenjiang expects to raise 85.2 million yuan for Seda in the next five years.

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