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"Belt and Road" initiative promotes Tibet’s development
update:September 13,2016
Sept. 13, 2016 -- The 3rd Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo kicked off in Lhasa, capital of SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region on Sept. 10. 
The expo was themed on the “Belt and Road” initiative and roads construction connecting South Asia. 
The cultural tourism industry plays a crucial role in the construction of roads to South Asia.
“On the one hand, cultural soft power can strengthen ethnic unity, promote cultural integration, and maintain regional peace. On the other hand, numerous events have fully demonstrated that the prosperity of Tibetan culture is conducive to its opening-up to the outside world,” said Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum. 
To develop Tibetan cultural tourism industry, more efforts should be made to protect its cultural heritages, promote multi-level Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation, and share the achievements of different civilizations.
Tibet is a well-known travel destination for its unique natural scenery and profound religious culture. As an important driving force for economic growth, cultural tourism is Tibet’s pillar industry with huge potential.
China’s tourism industry has entered a golden period, which creates a favorable external environment for the development of Tibet’s cultural tourism industry.
In addition, the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, China-Nepal Railway and other cross-regional transportation trunks will contribute to the development of Tibetan cultural tourism under the “Belt and Road” initiative.
Tibet should optimize its allocation of resources, fully consider the needs of the cultural tourism industry, and develop high-end tourism products with local characteristics.
The “Belt and Road” initiative makes Tibet a key knot in communicating with South Asia, which has brought new opportunities for Tibet’s development.
Tibet should actively participate in the “Belt and Road” initiative, and give full play to its advantages to boost its transportation, trade, finance, culture and tourism to a new level.
By: Tian Guangshan  Liu Qiang
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