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Tibet raises education standard of “three guarantees”
update:September 12,2016
Sept. 12, 2016 -- Starting from the fall semester this year, the standard of Tibet's education expenditure on "three guarantees" (for meals, accommodation and tuition fees) will be raised from 3000 yuan to 3240 yuan per year and 90% of the fund will be used for students’ meals.
"The school canteen often changes varieties of dishes. Apart from local beef, mutton and dairy products, students can also eat vegetable and fruits," says Qimei Sita, vice-president of Tibet Nagqu Kongma Central Primary School, "with good conditions, students never drop out of school."
At an average altitude of 5040 meters, though Kongma Town is under cold, poor oxygen conditions and has dry climate, it possesses warm gallery, wells, bathrooms and other facilities, ensuring students' life and study.
On the basis of the implementation of free education in Tibet, the "three guarantees" policy, namely for free meals, accommodation and tuition fees, was carried out in 1985. At the same time, study aid system and fiscal subsidy policy were suitable for urban families' children with financial difficulties.
In recent years, Tibet has been continuously improving the standard of "three guarantees". Now the fall semester's standard this year has been raised nearly 11 times than 1985. At present, the "three guarantees" policy covers first three years' early childhood education, senior high school and secondary vocational school. What's more, it is appropriate for all children of farmers, herdsmen and poor urban families.
With the increasing education investmentin Tibet, "three guarantees" policy has been 100% covered for children of farmers, herdsmen and poor urban families in Tibet.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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