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Festival activities promote Tibet’s tourism
update:September 12,2016
Sept. 12, 2016 -- Now it is the best season for people to travel to Tibet. At the same time, a large number of festivals also attract tourists from home and abroad.
At present, the Tubo Cultural Tourism Festival is being held in Qonggyai County, Lhoka City, showing the cradle of Tibetan culture to the world. In addition, a batch of Tubo ruins are repaired to open to tourists. Qonggyai is the birthplace of important Tibetan culture and a number of cultural relics including the Tomb of early Tibetan King and the fifth Dalai Lama's former residence are located here.
Shigatse City's Tingri County also aims to drive the tourism industry with festival activities. This year, Qomolangma Hiking Festival and Qomolangma  Luoxie Cultural Tourism Festival are held with the aim of creating Qomolangma tourism brand, attracting tourists and promoting the whole county's economic and social development.
However, the most famous festival is Lhasa Shoton Festival. During this festival, activities such as Buddha Exhibition and Tibetan opera performance are favored by tourists. Apart from that, Qomolangma Cultural Tourism Festival just ended and people are impressed by Tsang's profound cultural connotation. Nagqu Qiaqing Horse Racing Festival is welcomed by tourists, too.
Festival activities can comprehensively demonstrate excellent local tourism resources and promote tourism industry's development. Cultural and tourism resources are widely distributed in Tibet. By fully exploring respective advantages and holding all kinds of festival activities, it plays an important role in improving Tibet's tourism as a whole.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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