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Tibet strengthens the support of non-public economy
update:July 14,2016
July 14, 2016 -- According to the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Tibet Autonomous Region, in recent years, by actively implementing related policies and promoting the development of private investment, 173 million yuan project fund on non-public economy development has been implemented and 99 projects of non-public enterprises have been supported since 2011, which effectively supports the development of Tibet's non-public enterprises.
It is said that the enrollment policy for private enterprises in traditional monopoly fields including energy, mineral products, and financial work is liberalized. At the same time, related meetings on non-public economy development are held in succession and special supporting funds are set up. The funding quota of Lhasa, Shigatse, Lhoka, Ngaqu, Nyingchi is 5 million yuan, 4 million yuan, 15 million yuan, 3 million yuan and 4 million yuan respectively.
Through effective supporting measures,Tibet's non-public economy develops healthily. By the end of 2015, the non-public economy's market entity, registered capital, employment and tax is 149300 households, 290.53 billion yuan, 862000 personnel and 16.693 billion yuan respectively, accounting for 96.8%、69%、70%、93.79% of the total amount in Tibet and increasing 8.07%、67.58%、20.78%、32.739% year on year compared with 2010. There are 22000 private enterprises, accounting for 88.35% of the total number in Tibet, and growing by an average of 24.858% over 2010.
The above data shows that non-public economy plays an important role in promoting Tibet's economic and social development.
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