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Targeted education program empowers rural development in Qinghai
update:February 09,2024
Feb. 9, 2024 -- Zaxi Lamao, hailing from Jiela Village in Yushu City, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, was raised by her grandmother from a young age.
In 2020, Zaxi Lamao seized an opportunity to join a training program facilitated by the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company. Subsequently, she was admitted to Xi'an Electric Power College for specialized training in electrical engineering. 
Following her graduation in 2023, she became a new employee at a local power company. "I never expected to have a stable job right in my hometown. Now, the economy at home has improved a lot, and my grandmother is very proud of me!" Zaxi Lamao excitedly said.
Zaxi Lamao (R) explains to an elderly about the safety of electricity concept in Jiela Village. (Photo/ChinaNews Service)  
Zaxi Lamao's expertise in electrical engineering has proven invaluable, especially with the burgeoning operations of the first mountain resort in Jiala Village.
With an increase in electricity demand accompanying the resort's growth, Zaxi Lamao works diligently to ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical infrastructure, becoming a 'power guardian' for her village.
Cuo Ga, 78 years old, lives alone in the village. He wrote Zaxi Lamao's phone number on the calendar. "The power company has cultivated a college student for the village and also cultivated the 'power guardian' for the entire village. With just one phone call, Zaxi Lamao will help solve any electrical problem at the fastest speed," Cuo Ga said.
Her impact extends beyond the realm of electricity maintenance. Zaxi Lamao actively contributes to the development of her hometown, advocating for initiatives such as ecological cultural tourism. Her efforts have led to the introduction of nomadic cultural experiences and the promotion of local handicrafts, thereby stimulating economic growth and creating employment opportunities.
Zaxi Lamao has also explored live-streaming e-commerce with the villagers, facilitating the marketing of local specialty products such as winter cordyceps and Tibetan saffron, as well as traditional ethnic handicrafts.
As the Chinese New Year approaches, Zaxi Lamao finds herself dedicated to her duties, ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply for her community during the festive season.
"The life of my family is getting better and better, allowing me to devote more energy to work. On Chinese New Year's Eve, I will stand guard with my colleagues to ensure electricity supply for everyone. This is also a meaningful Spring Festival," she said.
Since 2020, the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company has remained steadfast in its commitment to empowering rural communities through targeted training programs. With 266 individuals recruited from less-developed regions of Qinghai Province, including Zaxi Lamao, the program has yielded tangible results, with 55 graduates already assuming positions within the industry.
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