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Officers patrol on glacier at China's highest border police station
update:December 05,2023
Dec. 5, 2023 -- Immigration officers from the Pumaqangtang border police station patrolled a glacier in China's highest police station, Nakarze County, Lhokha, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region.  
The police station is located at 5,372 meters above sea level. The air contains less than 40 percent of the oxygen at sea level.  
Police at China's highest security facility beat lack of oxygen, altitude sickness to patrol mountains, and save lives.  
Patrolling a glacier more than 5,600 meters above sea level every month is hard work. 
That's life for police officers from a border police station, who are never deterred by low levels of oxygen, cold and windy weather, or strong ultraviolet radiation.  

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