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Xizang Development: High-level forum outlines governance of Xizang in new era, region's historic achievements
update:November 22,2023
Nov. 22, 2023 -- A high-level forum in Beijing has reviewed the white paper on the governance of Xizang in the new era, which was issued earlier this month. The forum at the China Tibetology Research Center also focused on the autonomous region's historic achievements.
Many experts advocated for Xizang's sustained economic development, praised the solid advancement of ethnic and religious work and highlighted the region's improving social situation.
Attendees also highlighted the improving ecological environment, the construction of democracy and the continued strengthening of the rule of law.
ZHANG YUN Second Class Research Fellow, Institute of History China Tibetology Research Center "The white paper not only reflects the brilliant achievements made in various undertakings in Xizang under the guidance of the Party's strategy of governing Xizang in the new era, it also shows the latest achievements in academic research, which reflects the vitality of traditional culture. It also mentions the archaeological achievements in Xizang. It reveals the long and deep inner cultural ties between Xizang and other places in China."

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