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Tibetan Medicine: Tibetan doctor receive high praise from patients
update:November 14,2023
Nov. 14, 2023 -- A Tibetan hospital in Beijing provides a platform for the practice and advancement of ancient Tibetan medical treatments, integrating them with traditional Chinese medicine & Western practices. Our reporter Liu Jiaxin visited the facility – to get an up-close look at how it all comes together. 
LIU JIAXIN Beijing "Dating back some 3,800 years, Tibetan medicine, is known as one of the world's oldest forms of traditional medicine. Today I don't have to fly to Xizang, but here in Beijing I get to see some of the secrets of these mysterious medical practices. Without further ado, let's go inside and check them out."
I came to the only hospital in Beijing that combines Tibetan medicine with Chinese traditional medicine and Western treatments.
ZHONG GEJIA, Dean, Beijing Hospital of Tibetan Medicine "The common purpose of all our medicines is to make people healthy and live longer. The methods are different, and they can be completely integrated. For example, Tibetans like to drink milk tea. The tea is mixed with milk, which makes it very delicious. This is also true of medicine integration."
Doctor Zhong Gejia came to Beijing in 1992, when the hospital was established. He told me that Tibetan medicine focuses on comprehensive treatments and the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
What surprised me most was hearing how Tibetan doctors summarized a set of embryonic development diagrams more than 1000 years before Darwin outlined his theories on evolution.
"That was pretty close to modern biology."
"Yes. The growth process of human embryos is also a microcosm of species evolution."
I couldn't wait to see a Tibetan doctor for consultation.
Lama Ala is the right person. Cards and letters of thanks from patients he's treated are displayed on his office wall.
"I don't have any particularly serious problems, right?"
LAMA ALA, Deputy Chief Physician, Tibetan Medicine Diabetes Dept., Beijing Hospital of Tibetan Medicine "You are doing alright. Don't worry. But you have to be aware that staying up too late at night is not good for your health. Your sleep is not good. You have to be careful."
As deputy chief physician, Lama Ala works every day. He says that this place gives a platform to promote and pass on Tibetan medicine and also gives him the opportunity to serve people of all ethnic groups. Liu Jiaxin, CGTN, Beijing.

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