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Village in Tibet celebrates farmers' harvest
update:September 25,2023
By:China Daily
To celebrate the sixth Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival that fell on Saturday, Mar village in Doilungdechen district of western Lhasa in the Tibet autonomous region, organized a fun and ancient event, with Tibetan farmers dressed their newest gathering together for a series of activities.
During the activities, like what did for the ploughing yaks in the past, harvesters were presented with khadaks - a traditional ceremonial scarf that symbolizes high respect and purity activities, and villagers also present the khadaks to each other with auspicious wishes. The activities also included a Tibetan opera show and a folk dance.
During breaks, villagers offered barley wine, butter tea, air-dried yak meat, and snacks to each other, the sound of harvesters and laughter filled the air of the fields.
Official statistics reflect that the Mar village has a total sown crop area of nearly 160 hectares, including 123 hectares of grain crops, 16 hectares of economic crops, 20 hectares of forage crops, and with grain crops account for more than 77 percent of the total sown area.

By Daqiong and Palden Nyima

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