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Coronavirus Pandemic: Tibet authorities help stranded tourists leave
update:August 23,2022
Chemi Chodron and her family finally took their journey back home on Saturday following a 12-day quarantine in a hotel in Lhasa. They received several rounds of PCR testing during this time.
They arrived in the city from neighboring Lhoka on August 8, when the COVID outbreak had just started.
CHEMI CHODRON Tourist "We've been well taken care of during the past 12 days. I'm grateful to the city government and all medical workers. And we're happy that we finally can go home. We'll continue to receive a home-based observation by following related rules."
Dozens of other tourists from different parts of the country, including Beijing, Hebei and Sichuan, were also released from quarantine. They need to take a rapid antigen test before departure at the airport or train station.
Lhasa tourism authorities say they're working with the remaining stranded tourists.
GAO JIANHONG Chief, Lhasa Tourism Development Bureau "We'll try our best to serve the tourists well. Visitors from outside Tibet are provided with free accommodations. And the government has also set up a special tourism working group to help them. Those eligible will be able to leave as soon as possible."
Meanwhile, more temporary hospitals are being built across the region to receive more asymptomatic patients.
In Lhasa, the second one is set in a school, and went into use over the weekend.
NYITA Project General Engineer "Behind me is a teaching building which can house about 700 beds. There are two canteens behind it, which are transformed into medical isolation areas and have some 500 beds. The patients can take exercises on the outdoor sports fields. The environment is generally good."
Between more facilities and the efforts of medical staff, more patients are being discharged. YJH, CGTN.

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