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Coronavirus Pandemic: Medical teams from across China help Tibet fight COVID-19 outbreak
update:August 16,2022
China's Tibet Autonomous Region has reported four new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 28 asymptomatic ones. Local officials are trying to contain the outbreak with the help of medical teams from across the country. Yang Jinghao has more. 
This medical team from east China's Jiangsu Province consists of 207 practitioners with different expertise. They will assist Tibet's capital, Lhasa, to fight the virus in the following weeks.
GAO PENG Medical Team Leader "We'll work together with our colleagues in Lhasa in PCR sample collection and laboratory testing, epidemiological investigation as well as medical treatment. I hope we can win the 'battle' as soon as possible."
Tibet has a shortage of medical resources. Medical teams from different provinces, including Shandong, Heilongjiang and Guangdong, have arrived in the region to offer their help. They are working in different cities, including Shigatse and Nyingchi, and have brought medical equipment with them. And Tibet itself is also stocking up on supplies.
CHUN SHENG Pharmaceutical Company of Tibet Autonomous Region "We've stored disinfection and protective products as well as medicines. We've also prepared related gears for medical staff, including protective suits, face shields and goggles. We've increased purchases to meet the growing need."
Cities with confirmed or asymptomatic cases are stepping up efforts to conduct mass testing. But there are challenges – like delayed results. In Lhasa, to help stranded tourists leave the city, local authorities have set up two "green channels", where tourists are given priority to get tested and receive their results.
Tourist in Lhasa "Lhasa is a very welcoming city. I was worried that I might not be able to leave as scheduled. I'm grateful for this special arrangement. I'm sure I'll come back again."
Tibet is a popular tourist destination, known for its unique ethnic and religious culture. This outbreak will have an inevitable impact on its tourism, but all flights to and from Lhasa have so far been operating normally. YJH, CGTN. 

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