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A herdsman starts new life at relocation site in SW China's Tibet
update:July 27,2022
LHASA, July 25  -- With an average altitude of over 5,000 meters, Tsonyi County is China's highest county located in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The county started the relocation of its second batch of residents on Tuesday, as part of the region's plan to improve people's living conditions and protect the fragile local ecosystem.
On July 19, Shera Gyataso, along with more than 300 residents, left his hometown in Doima Township of Tsonyi, moving nearly 1,000 km southward to their new home Singpori, with an altitude of 3,600 meters and 10 km from the airport of the regional capital Lhasa.
After 14 hours, 18 buses arrived at Singpori.
In Singpori, Shera Gyataso and his family have been allocated a house and an apartment totaling over 120 square meters equipped with flush toilets and gas stoves.
There are a newly-built hospital, a kindergarten, a primary school, a market and a recreation center in the community.
Shera Gyataso's son will be admitted into the kindergarten free of charge in Singpori next year thanks to the relocation.

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