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Seeds of dream grow on Tibet Plateau
update:July 26,2022
Located in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region, Medog County covers 34,000 square kilometers but has a sparse population of about 15,000. Before a highway opened in 2013, the county was isolated from other parts of China. The harsh conditions made it difficult to retain teachers.
Today, school conditions and teaching facilities in Medog County have improved markedly, benefiting from the development of the local economy and support from the government. Students on the Tibet Plateau also have more chances to realize their dreams.
Let's hear the real story of Medog over the past 10 years.
Scriptwriter & Video editor: Shi Chan
Voiceover & Copy editor: John Goodrich
Chief editor: Zhou Jun
Producer: Li Tianfu
Executive producer: Wen Yaru
Supervisor: Zhang Shilei

Sponsor:China Society for Human Rights Studies
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