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Tibetan New Year: Lhasa residents celebrate grand festival with unique traditions
update:March 07,2022
March Third marks the new year on the Tibetan calendar. People in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region are celebrating the annual grand festival known as Losar in style. Yang Jinghao reports from Lhasa. 
People in Tibet are ringing in their new year known as Losar. A festive atmosphere permeates Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region.
People shop ornaments made of highland barley and Kharpse made from flour and yak butter among some others for the special occasion. And the devout are praying for blessings for the coming new year.
YANG JINGHAO Lhasa, Tibet "Tibetan New Year is the most important festival for Tibetan people across the country. Among the various customs at this time is eating Guthuk, a traditional doughball snack."
The dough is usually cooked with nine ingredients, two days before the new year. Traditionally, different things will be folded inside the doughballs, such as wool and pepper, each with a symbolic meaning.
This family follows that tradition, but instead, like many others, they just write down what used to be mixed in.
MYMA YANGKYI Tibetan Resident "My husband got 'wool', which means he is kind-hearted. My daughter got 'salt', indicating a slacker. And I got 'glass', with a similar indication to 'salt'."
Yangkyi's husband is from ethnic Han group. He says Losar is a great time for family reunion, just like the Spring Festival celebrated by the majority of Chinese people.
CHEN JIANMIN Husband of Myma Yangkyi "During the Spring Festival, my wife would make dumplings and cook some dishes that Han people like. And during the Tibetan New Year, we celebrate it in a Tibetan way. It's important to respect each other's traditions."
Just like years past, locals also light a torch to expel evil spirits and misfortune to welcome the new year. Due to COVID-19, there are no large gatherings this year. But residents are keeping their traditions alive, wishing for a healthy and prosperous new year.
YJH, CGTN, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. 


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