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Authorities establish nursing homes to care for seniors amid changing demographics
update:June 23,2021
June 23,2021 -- Many parts of the world are undergoing serious demographic changes, with ageing populations putting pressure on governments to come up with solutions. China is no different. In the country's far western Tibet Autonomous Region, nursing homes have been established to provide for seniors. Dai Kaiyi has the story. 
For seniors in Chengguan District in Tibet's capital city of Lhasa, many live a life that's carefree after they come to this local nursing home.
TSERING DROLMA Senior, Social Welfare Center in Chengguan District Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region "I usually watch TV, chat with my friends here and go for a walk. My life here is much better than before."
Affiliated to the Civil Affairs Bureau in Chengguan District, the nursing home that Drolma lives in provides a number of services to dozens of residents here. It's equipped with a medical room, a barbers and open-air fitness equipment.
The youngest resident here is only 20 years old. Because the orphanage couldn't take in residents older than 18, the patient who suffers from disabilities related to mental health is staying here as a result.
DAI KAIYI Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region "Decades ago, beggars could be found throughout Tibet, even in the capital Lhasa. But after the peaceful liberation and the democratic reform, a social security system was set up. It offers benefits ranging from unemployment to maternity, and covers both urban and rural residents.
Tibet has also improved the system to care for disabled people, including those with serious conditions by spending over 450 million yuan, or more than 70 million dollars on allowances up till now.
SUOLANG SIDAN Dean, Five Guarantees Centralized Support Service Center Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region "The service provided to seniors in Tibet has improved dramatically over recent years. We've been renovating and our operations are based on the standards of first-tier cities. As the government heavily invests, the living conditions keep getting better, and the monthly pension for seniors increases year by year."
So far, the monthly pension here is just over 1,100 yuan, and they are provided with up to 400 yuan as pocket money per month. Caregivers in the nursing home say they are doing the best they can to cater to the needs of senior residents here. DKY, CGTN, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. 

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