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A border policeman's life at the top of the world in Tibet
update:August 01,2022
Wang Wei is a border policeman at the Yumai Township Border Police Station in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
Born and raised in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Wang decided to work in Tibet, which is over 4,500 km away from home, after graduation in 2009. “There were many jobs to choose from at that time, such as being a SWAT recruit in my hometown,” Wang said. Greatly influenced by his father, Wang Wei made up his mind to become a border guard.
Daily duties for Wang and his colleagues include ensuring public security, carrying out border patrols, launching border rescues and engaging with neighborhood residents, to name a few. “I think attitude is the most important thing. Engage with local people more and visit them often. Know their difficulties in life and work, and solve their grassroots problems promptly,” Wang said during an online interview with CGTN.
Motivated by Zhoigar, Yangzom sisters and their father, who have raised China's national flag while patrolling the nation's border areas for decades at Yumai Township, Wang said that “it makes me realize the preciousness of this land. Now, conditions have improved and it's even more important for us to protect every tree and every blade of grass here.”

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