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CGTN's ‘Into Tibet' documentary explores the ‘Roof of the World'
update:October 18,2021

CGTN's documentary "Into Tibet with International Vloggers Daniel and Noel" follows two vloggers, Daniel from Canada and Noel from Spain, to document their experiences as they travel through China's Tibet Autonomous Region, dubbed the "Roof of the World." The production was filmed during CGTN's "Into Tibet 2020" journey.
The 20-minute documentary uses a lighthearted style of narration and down-to-earth montages showcasing Tibet's scenery, local people's livelihood, transportation systems, religion, education and medical treatment from a holistic perspective.
The shooting style gives the audience a strong sense of immersion and reality, while displaying how the trip subtly changed Daniel and Noel's mindset.
Daniel and Noel started their trip in August 2020 and ended in September, setting out from Tibet's capital city Lhasa and heading to different directions in Tibet.
The journey was Noel's first time visiting Tibet, and many unforgettable moments were recorded on camera. 
Heading east, Noel's route went from Lhasa to Qamdo by way of Nyingchi, sometimes called the "Switzerland" of Tibet. The journey not only explored the rich plant life and well-preserved original ecological features of the region, but also different aspects of Tibetan cultural heritage. 
"What really excited me was most of the traditions and culture there are being preserved really well," said Noel during the trip. 
Vloggers Daniel from Canada (L) and Noel from Spain(R) introduce themselves at the beginning of the trip. /CGTN
It was not Daniel's first trip to Tibet, but it was clear that this time around brought new understandings and perceptions. 
His route took him from Lhasa to Mount Qomolangma, ending at the Purog Kangri glacier; from a traditional Tibetan hospital to remote primary schools; from the world's highest mountain to its third largest glacier. Along the way, he not only photographed breathtaking views but also explored amazing local monasteries and learned about Tibet's lively culture and religious practices. 
"Had it not been for the visit to this Tibetan hospital, I would have never known how extensive and how long the history of Tibetan medicine is," Daniel said after visiting the traditional Tibetan hospital.  
"Pupils don't need to pay out of pocket," a staff member at Tibet Sagya Middle School told Daniel. The government covers all expenses in the school, including food, accommodation and study.

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