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Full version: 'Daughters of Tibet'
update:March 09,2023
The ancient, remote Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau has produced a breed of tough and tenacious women who can withstand the scorching sun, bitter winds and cold snow. They possess indomitable spirit and exceptional beauty, much like the Galsang flowers that bloom with a unique radiance on the plateau. The CGTN documentary "Daughters of Tibet" sheds light on the lives of a new generation of Tibetan women, highlighting the stories of five inspiring individuals, most of whom were born after 1995, who chase their dreams on the plateau while making meaningful contributions to their hometowns. We meet a bilingual Chinese-Tibetan lawyer, a clothing designer who has showcased her work on international stages, a clinical medical student from Fudan University, a representative inheritor of traditional Tibetan folk art, and a female entrepreneur from Nagqu.
All five women have made a conscious choice to pursue their own dreams while helping their local communities. Their remarkable personal qualities are truly inspiring.

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