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Pic story: new life of former serf in Xizang
update:April 01,2024
Sichod Wangmo, 85, is a resident of Jiagen Village in Damxung County of Lhasa, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region. In old Xizang, Sichod Wangmo was a serf. Her mother passed away when she was very young. Young Sichod Wangmo made a living with her grandma by pasturing for a serf owner. They didn't have their own cattle and sheep, but they still needed to pay various taxes which were too high for them to afford.

In March 1959, people in Xizang launched the democratic reform that ended the region's feudal serfdom. Sichod Wangmo felt her life was turning on a new page since she was allocated five yaks by the government.

Now, Sichod Wangmo's family has grown into a big one with four generations of over 100 members.

This year, Sichod Wangmo's family members came together for a reunion to celebrate the Tibetan New Year in Jiagen Village. Surrounded by her loved ones, Sichod Wangmo chatted, laughed and had a good time with her family.

"I hope days like this can be more, and more," Sichod Wangmo said. (Xinhua/Tenzin Nyida)

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