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Population of black-necked cranes grows in SW China's Xizang
update:December 07,2023
By:People's Daily Online
Dec. 7, 2023 -- Southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region has ramped up efforts in recent years to protect the habitats of black-necked cranes.
A winter population survey conducted in 2022 showed that 11,175 black-necked cranes chose Xizang as their wintering ground. The population of black-necked cranes continued to flourish, with their presence spanning the entire region.
The wildlife and wetlands resources management office of the regional forestry and grasslands bureau has designated several crucial breeding grounds for black-necked cranes in the area as national-level nature reserves. These include Mount Qomolangma, the Changtang grasslands and other areas.
The black-necked crane is the sole crane species worldwide that breeds and winters in plateau regions. It is also the only crane species endemic to China among the nine crane species found in the country. As a first-class state protected wild animal, the black-necked crane plays a crucial role in biodiversity conservation.

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