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Climbers must carry trash down Mt. Qomolangma
update:May 07,2018
By:China Tibet Online
May 7,2018--Mountain Qomolangma, or known as Mt. Everest in the west, is a destination for mountaineering enthusiasts from all over the world, and on April 30, the annual climbing season for the mountain was officially launched.
At the same time, a garbage removal initiative has commenced on the northern side of Mt. Qomolangma, as well as the establishment of a high-altitude waste removal mechanism aimed at environmental protection. Climbers will be asked to carry trash back down the mountain during their descent. Locals have also organized high mountain environmental protection teams to share in the task of protecting the ecological environment of Mt. Qomolangma.
In recent years, Tibet's Tingri County near the north side of Mt. Qomolangma has organized a number of waste cleaning activities along with local residents and international mountaineering enthusiasts in the area.
Climbers from 20 different countries including the U.S., Italy, Spain, the U.K., and Switzerland have picked up trash along the climbing routes. The China National Mountaineering Team and other teams also provide local residents with jobs as environmental cleaners, which helps drive farmers and nomads out of poverty. |About Us|Contact Us |Site Maps|
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