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Nepal expects increase trade with China's Xizang autonomous region
update:July 08,2024
By:China Daily
A Nepalese official expects organic agricultural products to trade between Nepal and Southwest China's Xizang autonomous region, an official said at the 4th China Xizang Trans-Himalaya Forum for International Cooperation, which was held in the region's Nyingchi this week.

As one of the invited guests at the forum, Genesh Prasad Timilsina, former chairman of the National Assembly of Nepal, shared his thoughts on exporting agricultural products from Nepal's hilly and snow-capped mountain regions to Xizang in the future. He gave the presentation during a highland characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry roundtable meeting on Thursday, which is a key part of the forum.

Timilsina said that 77 percent of Nepal's land area is covered by hills and snow-capped mountains, giving the region significant potential for year-round agricultural production.

"These regions not only supply food and income for local communities but also preserve vast knowledge of cultural heritage and conserve indigenous livestock and crops, and agriculture and livestock breeding in these regions provide a stable livelihood for the local population," Timilsina said.

"Livestock like yaks, sheep, and goats, as well as herbs, serve as the primary sources of income for people living in snow-capped mountain regions," he said, adding that cattle, buffaloes, goats, chickens, and fish constitute the main sources of income in hill regions.

He believes that the production of herbs, pesticide-free organic green fruits, fish, meat, and dairy products will increase by thousands of times in the Gandaki province and other hilly and snow-capped mountain regions of Nepal.

"This will ensure the efficient exports of premium products, including buffalo meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, and pesticide-free organic fruits, from Nepal to the Xizang autonomous region," he added.

"By utilizing the water resources in Nepal's hilly and snow-capped mountain regions, Nepal can take pride in supplying agricultural products, fruits, fish, meat, and dairy products to the inhabitants of the Xizang Plateau and other arid regions."

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