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Tibet hums as Losar New Year approaches
update:February 06,2023
Ahead of the Losar New Year festival, business is booming in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region, as Tibetans gear up to celebrate one of their most important festivals.
Stalls were swamped as people prepared to usher in the Year of the Rabbit — coming in three weeks. Residents thronged one of the biggest wholesale markets in Lhasa, Tromzikhang Shopping Mall, to fulfill various shopping needs.
Stalls selling yak meat, wooden bowls, butter, candy, dried fruit, prayer flags and handmade pastries can be seen everywhere.
Dawa Drolkar, a local trader selling potatoes, said her business has boomed this week as more people geared up to shop.
"I feel excited as Losar is getting closer. People spend more ahead of the festival, so I want to cherish the opportunity," she said.
Losar symbolizes the beginning of a new year, she added. "And we usually make good preparations, and have many gatherings and parties."
Migmar Tsering, a rural resident of Lhasa, said his family condition has greatly improved in recent years, and so more choices are available for Losar shopping.
"The main expenditures of my family are meat and jewelry. I have bought abundant yak meat and some gold jewelry for my family as gifts," he said. Referring to good fortune, he added, "I want to send the wish of Tashi Delek to all. I hope everybody will stay healthy and happy and have good luck in the new year."
Because of Tibet's different elevations and the varied harvesting times in different areas, Losar celebrations are not the same across the region. While most people mark Losar on the first day of the first month on the Tibetan calendar, some in the cities of Shigatse and Nagchu celebrate Losar at the start of the 12th month. People in eastern Nyingchi and a few places in Ngari prefecture celebrate Losar in the 10th month.

By Daqiong and Palden Nyima

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