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Pea high-yield cultivation training held in Lhozhag County
update:January 24,2018
By:China Tibet News
Jan. 24, 2018 -- To expand agricultural industry as well as promote poverty alleviation, Lhozhag County has invited relevant experts of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center of Lhoka City and Tibet Tiandi Organic Fertilizer Production Company to hold training on pea high-yield cultivation, so as to pass on technical skills to local farmers.
Practical training for agricultural science and technology is carried out in various forms and with colorful contents. This training further improves cultivation techniques, guides the masses to change old production concepts, and shows the prospects and advantages of pea production. Besides, it improves the pea planting enthusiasm of farmers, speeds up the space of industrialization cultivation, and cultivates pea planting industry as a characteristic planting industry, which can make villages prosperous and farmers rich.

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