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Travel notes: Serthar, a golden horse on the white ice fields (III)
update:March 28,2017
By:China Tibet Online
March 23,2017

March 23,2017--The high mountains block the field of view and old traditions restrict people's ideas. Even though Serthar has seen significant improvements in recent decades in regard to social causes, such as education, it is still relatively backwards.
The labor force employment situation is poor. For employers, they prefer employees from farming areas to those from pastoral areas, for the latter often run out of steam after a few days. It is understood that in recent years herdsmen have been attaching more importance to education, even buying or renting a house in the nearby city to accompany their children while they pursue studies. For the government, a high quality education received by children is also encouraged.
In terms of people's way of thinking and lifestyle in Serthar, I think some should be stuck to, some must be abandoned and some should be reformed. Inevitably, this is a difficult process, but no matter what they have to embrace the changing outside world. |About Us|Contact Us |Site Maps|
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