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Coffee culture on the rise in Xizang
update:May 22,2024
By:China Daily
In recent years, locals in the Xizang autonomous region have begun changing their morning routine from visiting a teahouse for sweet tea or butter tea to grabbing a cup of coffee.

Tsomo, the operator of Lhasa Nindo Coffee, the first boutique coffee brand in Xizang, said coffee has become a popular choice for locals, especially those living in urban areas.

"Influenced by Western and South Asian cultures, such as India, the popularity of coffee in Xizang is higher than in many places in Northern China," said Tsomo. She attributes the difference to how accessible imported coffee has been in the region.

"For example, when people in other provinces started to drink Nescafe, people in Xizang had been drinking such products for a long time. The way we drink it is a little bit different as we mix it in milk tea like Hong Kong-style," she said.

On Monday, the domestic coffee chain Luckin Coffee opened stores in Lhasa and Urumqi in an effort to increase its market share in China, caijing.com.cn reported.

With the opening of chains in Xizang and the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous regions, Luckin Coffee now has locations scattered throughout all provincial-level regions of China.

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