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People celebrate farmers' New Year in Xigaze, China's Xizang
update:January 12,2024
Jan.14, 2024 -- Locals in Xigaze celebrate the farmers' New Year on the first day of the twelfth month of the Tibetan calendar, which falls on Jan. 12 this year. As the festival approaches, families in Xigaze are exuding a cheerful and festive atmosphere.
Like other locals, the 59-year-old Pasang Butri cooked on Wednesday night for families who gathered at her home and enjoyed a feast of "gutu", a traditional soup dish made of flour, to celebrate the upcoming farmers' New Year. "Gu" in Tibetan means nine, which is a lucky number. "Tu" means "pasta." Nine different fillings like wool, charcoal and chili are placed inside the dough drops, and each of these fillings has a meaning.
For the family of Pasang Butri, this is their first time to spend the farmers' New Year in their new home, a newly renovated three-story house. Sitting around a pot of steaming "gutu," families and relatives had a warm reunion dinner together, looking forward to having better days in the upcoming year. (Photo by Tenzin Nyida/Xinhua)

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