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Tibetans cheer for the Year of the Water Tiger
update:March 04,2022
By:China Daily
Greetings, singing, dancing, wine and laughter filled the air in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region, on Thursday for the Tibetan New Year Festival, known locally as Losar.
According to the Tibetan calendar, this is the Year of the Water Tiger.
Lhasa was in a holiday mood, with Tibetan shop owners closing their stores to celebrate and people wearing their newest and best Tibetan robes.
Tsering, a member of the Tibetan ethnic group from the Tashi Choten community in Nedong county, said he and fellow villagers enjoyed welcoming the new year as their livelihoods have improved significantly.
"In the past, some villagers worried about the new year, as they did not have nice food and clothes to show off in the village during the festival. Now it's different. We enjoy multiple choices for shopping as we no longer suffer from poverty," said Tsering, adding they had made big preparations for the celebrations.
"We have prepared various delicacies, including pastries, cheese, yak meat, butter and new clothes for everyone in the family."
Tibetans start the festival from the 29th day of the 12th month on the Tibetan calendar. On that night, family members gather to enjoy noodles called guthok.
Activities during the event also include giving gifts to other families, hanging prayer flags on roofs, and visiting monasteries and temples.
According to Tibetan legends, the tradition of the Losar celebration dates to about 100 BC, the time of the ninth king of the Tubo kingdom, Pude Gungyal. Celebrations can run for as long as 15 days.


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