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China, like-minded countries highlight harm of illegal military interventions on human rights
update:September 23,2021
Sept.23,2021 -- China and a group of like-minded countries on Wednesday called on the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner for human rights and relevant UN Special Procedures to pay close attention to the harm of illegal military interventions on human rights and take necessary action to seek justice for the people of victimized countries.
Speaking on behalf of the group of countries at the ongoing 48th session of the Human Rights Council, Jiang Duan, Minister of the Chinese Mission to UN at Geneva, said that "certain countries" flagrantly conducted illegal military interventions in and prolonged occupation of sovereign states, which severely violates international law and undermines the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the victimized countries.
"Illegal military intervention as such has seriously hampered the economic and social development of the affected countries, caused numerous casualties, forced displacement of innocent civilians, and seriously violated the human rights of the people in these countries," Jiang said.
"The relevant countries even connived at their soldiers' unlawful killing and torture of civilians in the victimized countries, which constitutes serious war crimes and crimes against humanity," he added.
The Chinese diplomat urged the countries concerned to immediately stop their illegal military interventions and make reparations to the victimized countries.
"Instead of shifting responsibilities to the international community, they should take due obligations for the peaceful reconstruction of the victimized countries. Moreover, they should carry out comprehensive and impartial investigations into cases of unlawful killing and torture of civilians and other gross human rights violations committed by their military personnel and hold the perpetrators accountable," he said. 
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