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Italian Scholar Calls for Solidarity against Pandemic at China-Europe Human Rights Seminar
update:June 10,2021

The parallel session of the 2021 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights in Italy- Italy’s Protection of Citizens’ Right to Health in the Covid-19 Pandemic is held on June 8, 2021. (Photo provided to iChongqing)
Chongqing, June 10, 2021 -– “The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected our society, economy, and human rights,” said an Italian scholar at a parallel session of the 2021 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights on Tuesday.
China and Europe have close cooperation in various areas. Especially the epidemic outbreak, China and European countries have gained rich experience protecting people’s rights to life and health. Italy firstly carried out epidemic cooperation with China. Therefore, it is of special significance to set venues in China and Italy for the seminar.
Federico Ferraro, a doctor of political science and international relations, addressed Tuesday at the Parallel Session in Italy with the theme of Italy’s Protection of Citizens’ Right to Health in the Covid-19 Pandemic.
He thought that the public health incident had offered an opportunity to learn more and prepare better for a similar future response.
“People’s rights to life and health has always been the most fundamental part of human rights.”In his opinion, a global problem cannot be solved alone. He added, “We have to cooperate and unite. It requires global solidarity to deal with the current crisis and arise to the challenge.”
Speakers delivered speeches on the topics of Measures to Protect the Vulnerable Groups in Italy, Italy’s Measures to Help Enterprises and Employees during the Covid-19 Pandemic, Criminal Justice and Defendants’ Rights during Covid-19, and Talking about Human Rights and the Right to Survival without the Prejudice against China.
Italian participants also shared their views in a written form. For example, a thesis involved the indivisibility of multilateralism and human rights. It concluded that Europe had taken multilateralism as the core of its action. Cooperation and responsibility-shouldering are accessible for people to get rid of the common crisis.
The 2021 China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights was held in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality and Italian capital of Rome simultaneously, both online and offline. It saw the participation of over 100 guests from more than 20 countries and international organizations in Chongqing and Rome.
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