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Senior class: Majority of China's 'new middle-aged and elderly' embrace hobby learning
By:People's Daily Online
update:November 23,2023
Nov.23, 2023 -- A recent report jointly released by Tencent and other institutions reveals that over 70 percent of China's "new middle-aged and elderly" have participated in or are currently enrolled in courses related to hobbies, enriching their lives, according to Beijing Youth Daily.
The report defines this group as those nearing retirement or already retired, with stable finances and ample free time and energy to pursue fulfilling material and spiritual lives. It highlights that their top three motivations for hobby-oriented learning are satisfying intellectual curiosity, improving life quality, and expanding social circles.
Online courses have increasingly become their preferred method of learning new skills and knowledge.
Older people learn to play the erhu at a university for older adults in north China' s Tianjin municipality. (Photo/Xinhua)
In the past three years, the "new middle-aged and elderly" who have enrolled in courses have joined an average of 2.7 types of courses, with nearly half spending 500 yuan ($68.65) to 2,000 yuan annually on their hobby courses, the report states.
According to the report, compared to younger individuals, the "new middle-aged and elderly" demographic shows interest in a wide array of subjects, such as traditional Chinese opera, photography, health regimens, and personal image management.
In particular, courses on health and physical exercise continue to see high demand among middle-aged and elderly individuals. The report indicates that subjects like etiquette and handicrafts also exhibit significant growth potential.
The market for hobby education targeted at the Chinese middle-aged and elderly population is valued at over 30 billion yuan, with promising prospects, notes Edu Insight, a Chinese research platform specializing in online education.
As the industry is still in its early stages of development, competition remains relatively low. The major service providers are primarily elderly care institutions and traditional education service organizations catering to this age group.
Interestingly, these hobby-oriented courses for seniors are also attracting younger individuals seeking low-cost, stress-free hobby classes.
In response to this trend, numerous universities for older adults have expanded their enrollment age requirements to include all ages.
A 16-week course at a university for older people in Shanghai, priced at only 500 yuan, has been described as "fantastic" and has garnered significant attention from young people.
In Beijing, a university offering a variety of courses for older people has reported a substantial increase in applicants aged 20 to 25.
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