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China releases work plan for curbing heart and brain diseases
update:November 16,2023
BEIJING, Nov.16, 2023 -- Chinese health authorities have recently released a work plan on the prevention and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.
The work plan sets the course for relevant work from 2023 to 2030, said China's National Health Commission on Wednesday.
The plan noted that by 2030, a nationwide comprehensive prevention and early-treatment system for such diseases will be established. Medical institutions at all levels will have a greater capacity to combat such diseases, and breakthroughs will be achieved in relevant technological development.
To achieve the goals, the plan proposed thorough monitoring of cardio-cerebrovascular disease risks among people aged 35 and above. It also necessitated boosting primary-level medical institutions' capacity to monitor the levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fat.
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