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Beijing's revised regulations on minor protection take effect on June 1
update:June 01,2023

Beijing’s newly revised regulations on the protection of minors took effect on June 1, highlighting the responsibilities of the family, school, society, internet, government, and justice in the group’s protection.

The new provisions stipulate that schools and kindergartens should be equipped with health care workers, medicines and first-aid equipment to ensure that minors are treated quickly if they suffer sudden diseases or personal injuries. Schools and kindergartens must promptly inform parents or other custodians and related departments.

Regarding bullying, school staff, parents and other guardians of minors should report to the school rapidly when they find that minors are being bullied or suspected of being bullied. If a student reports bullying, the school should take necessary protective measures, including punishing bullies in accordance with laws and regulations and conducting psychological counseling.

Medical cosmetic institutions are prohibited from providing related services to minors without the permission from their parents or other custodians, or they will be ordered to correct and fined 10,000 to 30,000 yuan (about $1408.57-$4225.71). Those who refuse to make corrections and cause serious results will be fined 30,000 to 300,000 yuan and related staff will be suspended for one to six months.

Based on the citizen service telephone line 12345, special telephone operators have been arranged to deal with requests involving the interests of minors, including counselling. 

Meanwhile, provisions about artificial intelligence are also included in the updated edition of regulations, including forbidding to push information which may affect the physical and mental health of minors, such as the information that may lead to imitating unsafe behaviors, inducing bad habits or violating social morality.

In addition, all people have the right to report the cases of minors who have been offended for a long term without being discovered by their guardians, other family members or entrusted caregivers to related departments.

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